Ace Workbooks

Ace Workbooks

Ace Workbooks are self-study books containing explanation, questions and space for written answers. They break up learning into manageable pieces.Your child will receive 3 full-colour workbooks per week for maths, English and science.

How Ace Workbooks help your child

We base the weekly workbook topics on the core areas required at each key stage of the UK curriculum so you can be sure that Ace will complement, and consolidate, your child’s learning at school.

Even a child achieving 70% in their end of year exam has still missed out on 30% of the year’s knowledge. This knowledge gap increases each year as students neglect to revisit key topics.

At Ace, your child strengthens their under standing of core topics and revisits problem areas in order to excel at school. We do this with:

Why Workbooks?

We provide a programme that requires substantial written work for the following reasons:

  • Studies have shown that writing answers by hand significantly increases the amount we remember.
  • Regular written work develops a child’s ability to focus for a longer period of time
  • Dr. Virginia Berniger, University of Washington, found that children who write with a pen as opposed to a keyboard learn faster and create more complex sentences.
  • End of year exams are always hand-written.
  • Keyboards often limit the extensive working out required in maths and science from age 7 onwards.

How are Ace Workbooks unique?

Parents tell us Ace Workbooks succeed as they contain:

  • a clear, intuitive layout and full explanations making independent learning simple
  • full-colour presentation with diagrams and visual learning aids to ensure learning is engaging and memorable
  • all core topics required at each key stage
  • ‘Challenge Questions’ in every key stage 2 – 4 book, allowing enthusiastic students to stretch themselves one key stage higher
  • difficulty levels appropriate to your child allowing them to build strong foundations whilst challenging them to advance further

“The layout of the workbooks is clear and the questions are easy to understand. This means that my 7 year old son is capable of working through them without help. He is always excited to start a new workbook”

Suado Ali (parent)

Do Ace Workbooks cover my child’s examination board?

The Ace curriculum accommodates all main UK examination boards covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These are:

At Ace Student Success we combine the benefits of hand-written work with engaging lessons.

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  • "I’ve seen vast improvement in all subjects. I am very pleased with Dillon’s progress." Collette Horan, London

  • "I have benefited from the programme because I am getting lots of help with English, maths and sci- ence and I’ve gone up a grade in each subject." Ushandan, Year 9, Uk

  • "I have really improved my maths because before I was average and now I am in one of the top groups. Ace has really helped me." Tanvi, Year 5, UK

  • "As a parent, I would strongly recommend Ace
    if you are searching for an institution which wel-
    comes families and offers strong support." Doris, London, UK

  • "We have seen remarkable
    improvement in all areas.
    Maths has been the
    biggest jump but she has
    also made progress in
    Science & English." Jignesh, London, UK

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